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The purpose of this page is to provide the ability to search all the Image media within the SEUPB media library. The Image files can be ordered in ascending/descending order according to their Title, Classification, Sub Classification and/or Duration by toggling the arrows at the side of each Column heading.

It’s possible to filter the Images library primarily by PEACE Programme, Classification, Sub Classification, Theme and Stakeholders. In addition, there are a number of advanced programme-level classifications that can be used to filter the reports: Measure (for PEACE I and PEACE II), Sub Measure (PEACE II), Sub Priority (PEACE III), Sub Sub Priority (PEACE III), Specific Objective (PEACE IV) and Action (PEACE IV).

The list of filtered reports can then be searched within, using keywords. These keywords search in the report’s title, or description.

Results Table

The filtered and searched results are displayed in the main results table. These results can be navigated using the paging controls and the results can be sorted, either ascending or descending, by clicking the appropriate table columns.

Hovering over the table columns will show further information about the purpose of each column in the results.

An image button for each Image file is visible in the view column. The user can get further details and see the Image by clicking on either the Image icon or the Title of the Image file.

Selecting an image row will highlight that row in yellow and will display the relevant image in the preview window on the right hand side of the page.

Data Export

The data shown in the table can be downloaded as a CSV file by selecting the ’Export CSV’ button in the top right corner of the page.