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The purpose of this page is to search projects within the SEUPB document library. All projects which SEUPB have record of across all four PEACE Programmes, namely; PEACE I, PEACE II, PEACE III and PEACE IV are included. Users will be able to see any Projects which are specifically associated with them under the “My Projects” menu. All users can view all projects within the programmes under the “All Projects” menu. 

Results Table

The filtered and searched results are displayed in the main results table (Project Data). These results can be navigated using the paging controls and the results can be sorted, either ascending or descending, by clicking the appropriate table columns.

Additional views of the data are also available by selecting the “Analysis” or “Partner Location” chart icons at the top of the results page. 

Hovering over the table columns will show further information about the purpose of each column in the results.

These results can then be further filtered or searched using the Keyword search box on the top RHS above the table. This will filter the results according to the content of the description of the project.

A user can enter any keyword or phrase to refine the results being retrieved. In addition they can tailor where these keywords or phrases occur by utilising the checkboxes on the LHS menu directing the search to include or exclude Title, Description, and/or Project Partner Name.

Search on Budget

Using the slider bar or by typing into the value boxes the user can further refine the returned results within defined budget values parameters. 

Search on Date

Using the slider bar or by typing into the value boxes the user can further refine the returned results within defined date value parameters. 

Additional Filtering

In addition the results displayed can be further specified and filtered using the additional criteria. Including: Town/City, County, Partner Country, Account Dept NI, Account Dept ROI, Structural Fund, Implementing Body. By clicking on the Advanced menu additional criteria can be applied including Sub Programme (PEACE I), Priority (PEACE II, III), Measure (PEACE I, II), Sub Measure (PEACE II), Sub Priority (PEACE III), Sub Sub Priority (PEACE III), Specific Objective (PEACE IV), Action (PEACE IV). 

Data Export

The data shown in the table can be downloaded as a CSV file by selecting the ’Export CSV’ button in the top right corner of the page.


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PEACE Programme Title Description Project Type Project Partner Start Date Project Budget (£)

Main Projects Approved/Started

Main Projects Approved/Started - Yearly or Monthly

Overall Project Award Value

Overall Project Award Value - Yearly or Monthly
Map Disclaimer:

To date, only Lead Partner addresses for PEACE II, III and IV are used to generate geographical designations on the Platform’s map. It should be noted that the scope of project activity extends beyond the locations listed or may be based in a different location. Where provided, project description summaries and case-studies give further context as to the nature and scope of project activity. The PEACE Platform is a dynamic, evolving repository. We very much welcome your assistance in making this map feature more reflective of all the locations where PEACE Programmes have had an impact. Should you wish to submit project partner address details to be added to the map, please click here (requires login): Contribute to the PEACE Programmes Learning Platform