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The purpose of this page is to display the details of a specific project.  Where available, the page provides a description of the project, the programme it is associated with, details of the partner involved in the delivery of the project, the budget and the reference number.   It also shows any associated reports, media and related projects.    These can be ordered by using the relevant toggles on the table headers.


All available metadata is also provided on the Project Details Page.  Each title or element of meta data has a question mark beside it – for further information on the metadata element hover over the question mark. 

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For Logged In users they will see a button at the bottom of the page allowing them to request contact details of the Project Owner if these are available.   This will send a request to SEUPB who will seek permission and respond once permission has been received.


Project Details

P♀sitive Relations Project

The overall aim of the project is to engage and empower women to contribute to post-conflict transition and reconciliation. This is to be achieved through the following layer-cake approach to intervention: Capacity-building work of individual women through personal development and skills acquisition; Political awareness raising through a structured course and activities; Understanding of reconciliation and post-conflict transition through phased accredited courses to OCR Level 3; Active participation through mentored contextual projects to build positive cross-community and cross-border relationships as active citizens, along themes such as rural engagement, minority ethnic groups, young women, interfaces, etc. An outline of the project is as follows: Extension of strategic, regional and local cross-border partnerships to identify and agree target group clusters north and south; Delivery of capacity-building courses and activities in the areas of personal development, political awareness and reconciliation training to Level 3; Support of activities and projects leading from the training activities to tangible relationship-building initiatives within and between clusters appropriate to the context; Mentoring and network building to sustain linkages and positive relationships.
Training for Women Network (TWN) , Unit 10b , Weavers Court , BELFAST , ANTRIM , BT125GH , NI
£ 2,766,645.00
Aug. 7, 2008
May 23, 2011
Sept. 6, 2021
Lead Partner
P1 Reconciling communities
1.1 Building positive relations at the local level
1.1 Regional projects
SEUPB - Joint Technical Secretariat
No further information added.


Name Stakeholder Category Author Date
TWN celebrates building positive relations across the region Women Project Promotional Resource Training for Women Network (TWN) December 2010


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