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Black Mountain Shared Space Project

The project will see the creation of a 2,370sq.m shared space facility at the foot of the Black Mountain in Belfast which will offer a range of integrated services and facilities. These will include indoor leisure; outdoor recreation; community space; capacity support; health and wellbeing; educational links; and multipurpose spaces. Overall the facility will see approximately 1.5 hectares developed as part of the project. The proposal will allow sustainable and meaningful contact between communities currently divided by significant physical barriers. The project has three objectives: Improve the quality of life and prospects of those living in the surrounding interface areas; To bring about the conditions for community dialogue linked to removing 12 interface barriers in the locality; To deliver a range of educational, employment and personal development related programmes to the local population. To this effect the proposal will deliver 56 programmes during the first three years of operation. These programmes will be across three phases: Engagement and Familiarisation; Better Knowing Me and Knowing You; Building Long Term and Lasting Relationships. Partnership: The following organisations are partners in the project: Belfast City Council, Black Mountain Shared Space project, NI Housing Executive, Northside Partnership (Associate Partner).
Belfast City Council , 4-10 , Linenhall Street , BELFAST , ANTRIM , BT2 8BP , NI
£ 5,341,285.45
Dec. 1, 2018
March 31, 2023
Sept. 6, 2021
SO3.1: Shared Spaces and Services - regional
Action 3.1 Shared Spaces Capital Development: The creation of a more cohesive society through an increased provision of shared spaces and services
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